Cops have a tough job, especially those who kick down doors to

A veteran of nine seasons who has appeared in 10 postseason games for the Phillies (2 0, 4.02), he would provide some stability for an inexperienced rotation. However, in his three starts in Camden Yards, he is 2 1 with a 6.27 ERA and has allowed four homers in 18 2/3 innings..

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Reading about artists talking about BRIT Awards + lack of diversity. It took Kanye to bring some grime acts to the Brits last year. Cops have a tough job, especially those who kick down doors to root out the bad guys who conduct their own brand of terror in Baltimore’s beleaguered neighborhoods. But even the cops have to obey the law.

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It happened Sunday. I celebrated Saturday, and even though I tried to get a recap done for today, it just didn happen. Regardless, cooler air will move in tomorrow behind a cold front that cross tonight. Highs will stay in the low 50s for Wednesday, and showers can be expected as the front stalls over NC and an area of low pressure moves along the front from west to east.

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While the lifesaving functions of a hospital are being carried out in the airport’s west terminal, the east terminal has become a shelter for hundreds of people who have nowhere else to go. They are finally being evacuated by bus and airplane to Dallas and San Antonio, after enduring deplorable living conditions at the airport..

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