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Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie has kept his distance from the president but emulated Trump’s style in his gubernatorial campaign. The Washington lobbyist and former Republican National Committee chairman used hard edged ads to hit his Democratic rival, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, on divisive issues such as immigration, gang crime and Confederate statues.The most recent statewide opinion polls give the Democrat a slight edge over Gillespie, but the ads have put Northam on the defensive narrowed his lead in recent weeks.”The momentum is clearly on our side,” Gillespie told Fox News on Monday.Elsewhere, New Jersey voters were picking a new governor to succeed Republican Chris Christie. Representative Jason Chaffetz, who stepped down before his term ended.Northam and Gillespie were vying to replace popular Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat.

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This often puts people off. Someone else invading their space is seen as an intruder and this makes us feel uncomfortable, and out pops our nature, we flee or fight. This happens on a physical, mental and energetic level, simultaneously. The former The Sopranos and Entourage star contracted Lyme disease while filming a movie in rural New Jersey. Luckily, Sigler is an example of successful treatment after early detection: the actress first noticed a tingling sensation in her feet and shortly after, she experienced paralysis of her legs. After spending five days in a hospital, doctors diagnosed her with Lyme disease and she was given antibiotic treatment, which was effective in combating the disease.