[3] The “Night of the Sentinels” two part episode originally

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Goyard Cheap X Men was originally to premiere over the Labor Day weekend in September; due to production delays, it was pushed to the end of October. When the animation team AKOM turned in the first episode, it contained hundreds of animation errors, which AKOM refused to fix. Because of time constraints, the episode was aired in an unfinished form.[3] The second episode was turned in just before deadline, with 50 scenes missing and only a single day reserved for editing.[3] The “Night of the Sentinels” two part episode originally aired as a “sneak preview” on October 31.[4]Because of the production delays and animation errors in these two episodes, Fox threatened to sever AKOM’s contracts.[3] When Fox re aired the pilot in early 1993, the errors were corrected.[5] The series earned top ratings throughout its first linked website season,[3] and was renewed for a second season of 13 episodes.After the box office success of the live action X Men film in the summer of 2000, Fox began airing reruns of the cartoon on weekday afternoons. Goyard Cheap

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