Unconditional Love

The autobiography of Chai-Shin Yu

Unconditional Love

Modern Korea has suffered under Japanese colonization and civil war. Chai-Shin Yu, a United Church minister, recounts how, from childhood, he found strength in his belief in Jesus Christ and his personal philosophy of unconditional love for all people.

This is a true story of courage in the face of hunger, imprisonment, and long separations from loved ones. It is also the story of one man's faith in God, in his country and its people and their will to survive, with God's help, against terrible odds.

Publisher: Welch Pub.
Reviews:Rosemary Hill wrote:

17th August, 2008-12- 07

Dear Dr. Yu

I have just read your story and what a deeply moving, courageous and beautifully Christian story it is. It has been a great inspiration and encouragement to my own faith, especially in broadening the perspective of the very small corner of the world in which I live and through which I try to prepare myself to encounter the risen Christ in the unexpected places and people and most of all to practice unconditional love, which, without the grace of God, I fail invariably.

Thank you again for the privilege of reading your book which I hope you are happy for me to share.

In the Unconditional Love of Christ,

Rosemary Hill
-Bristol England-