Although it may be tempting to buy candles that promise they

R $ 17,000 – Allotment Park Das Rosas


Golden House offers complete packages for corporate events, gatherings, graduations, The space is divided into lounge, main hall, dance floor and much more than to have a party, our greatest desire is to be able to fulfill your dream, making the dream come true. Your magic and unforgettable night

The first 15 clients to close their event at GOLDEN HOUSE will win:
✔ Napkins and Sousplat
✔ Candle chandelier > ✔ Tiffany crystal chair
✔Open bar
✔ Well Married


Schedule your visit!
(21) 3474-2000 or

Hermes Handbags Replica Kit full party for 100 people only 1450,00

Bento Ribeiro (neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro)

kit full party for 100 people only 1450,00
do not get out of this enter in contact and schedule your date tel // 91770440 (light-Zap)
package decoration in proven├žal
1200 salgados
cake of cheese and cheese with ham
risole de camarao
300 candies with bicker

1 fake cake
1 cut cake
1 mini diner
(penne a bolonhesa) > stuffed with coconut
chocolate with dulce de leche
1torta salgada de brogo (if you are a child 100 mini pizza and 100 cheap hermes belt hot dogs)
30 liters of refri of first line
25 souvenirs Disposable


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