Austin and two of his Ducks’ teammates were dismissed from the

The lawsuit says that Altman knew one of his players, Brandon Austin, had a history of prior sexual misconduct allegations at another school but that Altman recruited him to play for the Ducks anyway. Austin and two of his Ducks’ teammates were dismissed from the team in May. The teammates are not mentioned by name in the lawsuit..

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iphone 8 case At the end of the quarter, we have Bolttech marked at [$17 million] and represents 1.5% of the portfolio at fair value.”Previously, GSBD’s position in Bolttech had been amortized down giving it voting control and recently invested a small amount of additional support capital. Management discussed Bolttech on the previous call and did not expect “any change to the status in the near term” which might have been optimistic.From previous quarter: “One other investment to note is our loan to Bolttech Mannings, which we marked down by 10 points this quarter, resulting in a $4.2 million of unrealized loss. During the quarter, with the benefit of new capital provided by us and the active sponsor, the company showed progress on new initiatives, resulting in modest revenue gains iphone 8 case.

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