Edge, who was number one contender for the title,[3] informed

The main rivalry heading into Vengeance was between WWE Champion and ECW World Champion Rob Van Dam who defending the WWE Championship against Edge in a singles match. The buildup to the match began on the television premiere of ECW on Sci Fi, in which Van Dam was awarded the ECW World Heavyweight Championship (which later become simply known as ECW World Championship) by Paul Heyman, thus making Van Dam a double champion, by holding both the ECW and WWE Championships. Van Dam’s celebration was then interrupted by Edge and his girlfriend Lita. Edge, who was number one contender for the title,[3] informed Van Dam that they both had a lot in common, referring to them being both Money in the Bank winners and successfully becoming WWE Champions.[4][5] Edge concluded with giving Van Dam some kind words, in which afterwards he performed a Spear on Van Dam.[6] On the June 19 episode of Raw, in retaliation Van Dam https://www.replicasshandbags.com attacked Edge, moments after winning a match against Ric Flair.[7] On June 20 episode of ECW, Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle defeated Edge and Randy Orton in a tag team match when Van Dam pinned Edge after Five Star Frog Splash.

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Editing: Sinan AKÇIL

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If you are so bored

If you are so disturbed by day and night
If you think so

You know me wrong

This is the end of love is full of frustration I understand that I will end this
Üzmeden let it live like this
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August, 1973
(The day of this channeling is (Don channeling)
I am in the love and in the light of our infinite I am aware of your of nature of sure, but it is very simple to are aware of time in a different way than you are
aware of Time, my friends, is in your now, and there is only appears to be a reciprocal nature between space and
time in your world is because your world is, shall we
say, designed to produce this necessary for certain catalytic actions that you enjoy
in your present state for the purpose of your
continued spiritual growth and Time, however, is totally independent of space, and
space is totally independent of time, for in truth they
have no relationship—for in truth neither has
Therefore, there is no interdependent relationship
between the I am going to at this time, if you will excuse the pun,
call on another to speak to you, for it may be of
some help to hear his words, as they will be
somewhat less simple and therefore more time-
mood this evening, but I am afraid I find the subject
somewhat of a humorous I will leave you at this (Pause)
I am called for the purpose of speaking to you on the
nature and reality of your electric field, your magnetic field, my friends? A field is an your time and space are dependent, one upon has also been stated that they are totally
independent, and have no Both of these statements are on your point of present do not appreciate the number of dimensions
that are available for one to experience the All of these dimensions are made up of a single place
and a single time, and, for that matter, a single
dimension, which has no necessary to go from where you are to where you will
and try to lead you to that place where you will
know Time is a and is time-
Sunday Meditation, August, 1973
© 2006 L/L Research 2
a reciprocal two is the third power [of] displacement in This may be recognized by a simple equation or
divided by 3 is equal to S3
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