England’s agonising winless run in the Test arena

After eight long months, England’s agonising winless run in the Test arena finally ended in Grenada. A humiliating, confidence sapping sequence of one consecutive draw, interspersed with zero victories, can now be consigned to history, thanks to a fine victory on a pitch that had all the life and vivacity of a granite tortoise in an industrial freezer. The West Indies, as they tend to be, had been sporadically good and sporadically much less good for the first nine days of the series.

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Though Tavera has taken probably 5,000 pictures since the air show nearly 25 years ago, he can’t let go of the photos from that day, which are printed on thick, square paper that fits into his palm. The blue sky is muted veiled as if by diesel fumes or the slushy skein that collects on Minnesota curbs in early spring. And the planes, only slightly larger than the dust specks, are so grainy and far away they could be ink smears or wriggling bass fry..

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