ESPN's Kate Faganwrote a must-read piece on Grinerthat I

[SPORTS NOTES] Finals Go to Game 6, Brittney canada goose deals Griner to Model Menswear

Brittney Griner Last week,we gave you the scoop on Chad "Ochocinco" Johnsonbeing whisked away to jail for acting buy canada goose jacket cheap childish during his probation hearing. Yesterday, Johnson wasreleased from jail after apologizingfor his behavior during court. But not before his close friend and former teammate Terrell Owens visited him.Owens tweeted that Johnson was in cheap Canada Goose good spiritswhile locked up. I'm sure he's in even better spirits now that he's free—despite TMZ recently reporting he has financial problems.The NBA finals head back to Miami tonight for Game 6. In a perfect world, Canada Goose Parka a longer NBA finals would mean close games, canada goose coats intense story lines and high ratings. But this year, the league has had no Canada Goose online such luck. The games have started out close but ended in second half blow outs. The superstars of the finals – Miami Heat's Lebron James and San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan- haven't put on the show viewers expected. Plus, this NBA playoffs has been a slog due to Canada Goose Coats On Sale scheduling. All this adds up tolower Game Canada Goose Outlet 5 ratings than last year. In NFL news, Philadelphia Eagles WR Desean Jackson released a documentary about his life called Desean Jackson: The Making of a Father's Dream. Jackson canada goose outlet is best known for being a tiny, but fast Wide Receiver who pouted his way through an entire season because he was unhappy with his contract. Now, Jackson has the long term deal with canada goose store the Eagles that he wanted and is trying to repair his image and show that he can still play. The documentary follows Jackson from his childhood to his college career at California Berkeley to his buy canada jacketstock goose jacket current job with the Eagles. All along the way Jackson's father and brother push him hard and help him canada goose clearance realize the dream they all shared.Philadelphia canada goose Magazine has a great canada goose coats on sale breakdown of the docwhich is available via many cable service's On Demand function. Check with your provider for listings. Filed under "AWESOME," WNBA player Brittney Griner will be modeling apparel from Nike's men's line. This is great news for several reasons. Canada Goose Jackets The first being that lots of women, regardless of sexual orientation, find themselves shopping in the men's section quite a bit. canadian goose jacket Secondly, I like the fact that minds are becoming more open when it comes to who wears or markets what product. And lastly, Griner has been very open about the fact that she is a canada goose clearance sale lesbian and also prefers to wear Canada Goose sale men's clothing. The fact that Nike is accepting her for who she is rather than forcing her to only canada goose replica rock pieces from the women's canada goose black friday sale line is pretty refreshing. ESPN's Kate Faganwrote a must-read piece on Grinerthat I think everyone should check out.That wraps up this week's Sports Notes. Did we miss anything?Jessica Danielle is a professional speechwriter and Canada Goose Online blogger who covers sports with wit and ardor

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