“Growing up, I thought I was ugly,” she says

Bhumika Arora, a top international model today, was just the girl next door in Karnal yesterday. “Growing up, I thought I was ugly,” she says. Her friends at the Chandigarh college where she was studying business administration thought otherwise, and sent her selfies to a cafe magazine.

That is the beauty of the sari, it can become daily wear and occasion wear with just a few changes. It traces its history to the Indus Valley civilization and has stood the test of time.” He appreciates the many avatars of the sari seen on international runways, from YSL to John Galliano and more recently Gaultier. “While traditionalists may cry foul at the reinterpretations of the sari, it is a versatile garment and designers are free to interpret it.” Ravi Bajaj: Poncho Saris (Spring Summer 2009) Ravi Bajaj is a traditionalist when it comes to saris.

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