home on N 56th Street

Kadirov also came to Tampa just as Saipov did, and lived about three miles east of Saipov’s former home on N 56th Street. The man who lives in Kadirov’s old No. 204 apartment declined to comment Wednesday. In “Tiger, Tiger,” Fragoso wrote that Curran remained a part of her life until she was 22. She later learned that he had been arrested for sexual abuse of a foster daughter. When he killed himself in 2001 by jumping off a cliff, he left several suicide notes for Fragoso, including one urging her to write a memoir..

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LAUREN FRAYER, BYLINE: The atmosphere was both festive, with marching bands roving through a sea of yellow separatist jerseys, and also solemn, as elderly Catalan sang nationalist hymns that were banned in their youth under General Francisco Franco. Catalonia has its own language and culture repressed under the dictator through the 1970s. But more recently it’s become Spain’s richest region, with the tourist hub Barcelona as its capital..

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