“I would like to go with a chain,” he told me

That’s perfumer Sophia Grojsman talking about the genesis of Yves Saint Laurent Paris (from Michael Edwards’ Perfume Legends: French feminine fragrances, p. 200), her first fragrance. Paris debuted in 1983, and was the perfect fragrance for the time: I wore it, my mother wore it, some days it seemed like everyone wore it (and plenty of it, more about which below)..

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“It takes money to make money,” Dom Bellissimo told me while reflecting on the fact that his family did not parlay the invention of chicken wings into a franchise fortune. Sometimes he thinks that the opportunity has not been lost forever. “I would like to go with a chain,” he told me.

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UBS: “Is there room to grow and normalize?” The pivotal question for 2018 becomes whether the macro environment provides room for markets to grow. Although 2017’s momentum may be hard to repeat, projections show space for the economy to expand. A combination of solid growth, low but gently rising core inflation, and relatively easy financial conditions allow space for policy makers to normalize policy further in 2018.

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