Kohl’s: The report says expired coupons are not OK for the most

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Designer Fake Bags Cattle were rounded up. Crops came off. School resumed. (WTOL) It’s happened to all of us: You have a coupon in your pocket or purse, but by the time you get around to using it, the coupon has expired. But don’t throw out that expired coupon just yet: it turns out there are some stores that will still take it.Among them:Bed Bath and Beyond: If yours won work, the report claims the cashier will often give you a new one.Michaels Stores: They have a new coupon every week: If yours is old, ask the manager if you can have a new one.Kohl’s: The report says expired coupons are not OK for the most part, but expired Kohl’s Cash can still be used.Dick’s Sporting Goods: The report says managers will often accept expired coupons. Only problem, so many brands are excluded it still may not work on that Nike or Under Armour item you want.Doesn’t That Stink?But from the doesn’t that stink file, people trying to use a counterfeit coupon, which are shared all over Facebook all the time.But if you try to use one, you’re ripping off the store, and it may even come out of the cashier’s paycheck. Designer Fake Bags

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