Official familiar with Russian intelligence methods

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goyard replica messenger bag And European Union sanctions. Bank did not contact us regarding people connected with the Trump administration. Official familiar with Russian intelligence methods.obvious question is why Trump and those around him expressed interest in improving relations with Russia as a top foreign policy priority, and whether or not any personal considerations played any part in that, the second official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.A source close to Deutsche Bank said the bank had run checks on Trump financial dealings with Russia.Slideshow (2 Images)During his election campaign, Trump said he would seek to improve ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which were strained during President Barack Obama administration.The subpoena was earlier reported by German daily Handelsblatt.FINANCES A RED LINE During a photo opportunity with senators at the White House on Tuesday, Trump declined to answer shouted questions from reporters about whether Mueller had crossed a line by asking Deutsche Bank for information.In a July 9 interview with the New York Times, Trump said Mueller should not extend his investigation into Trump finances if they were not directly related to the Russia accusations.Asked if delving into his and his family finances unrelated to the Russia probe would cross a red line, Trump replied, would say yeah. goyard replica messenger bag

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