Police quickly converged on the location searching for a lone

Good morning my friends The following is an addition to what I posted yesterday afternoon It’s a bit long also but I hope you like
I have found that the greater the realm of influence that the Dragon has influence over, the greater It’s power and the more distant its mind seems to be from the practitioners
The higher up in the hierarchy the dragon influence is you seek the more worldly and knowledgeable the Dragon itself
Thus before any work (beyond an occasional calling) I advise that you meditate and do personal work in getting to know the Dragon
Where the lesser dragon of storms might just move in a storm front to meet your goal, Sairyss might adjust the temperature up for some time so that the weather patterns are right for a marvelous
The forces like Dragons and Bear realistically would not work with the practitioner if he did not contain an aspect of them or at least the potential to one day no longer need them as
However their presence will not diminish, but how much of their energies are lent to the working will decrease as the practitioner advances in their ability to manipulate larger volumes of energy with greater

It is necessary that you fully understand the Laws of Power and have a purse valley website firm ethical mindset before undertaking any ritual work at

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