The Apostle did not prevent him from the life of the Isthmus

When they stood toward the tomb of Allah bless him and his family and peace

Get out for a good
not perfect for good limp and go away today, O Badri concerns of Sidi Ahmed Abbasi

God does not please
pray on the light which winds limp
boyhood Wahbi tomb
Wonderful including
leave, I ask you for a good hostel.. Ahmed Abbasi

girl Prophet Fatima compassionate mother
O Allah, bless him and bless our master Muhammad and his family and companions

Abdul Aydam in the courts may
(full moon came up on us)
O Prophet of peace
you for a good singer: –
Fattah Abdulaziz Kabli

O Saad of dedicated Prophet peace..
good for the singer good
Fattah Abdazizkeppla
may Allah bless him and his family and Love him

No No No No Oh good, I said Maine
Biography of the Prophet
in praise of bringing his good lover – Mr.

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