So you think you can dance

So you think you can dance? Well, you probably can However, the contestants at the Red Bull BC One Fort Lauderdale Cypher most definitely can. Contestants will be vying, or grooving, for a ticket to the Red Bull BC One North America Finals in Orlando this August. Felix Fusik will be monitoring the music, so he take care of all your jamming needs..

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Does anyone every hang out with women in real life? Most women do not want to code or be the IT crowd. It astounding that some people call for tech companies to hire more under qualified women just as a type of quota. If enacted on a wider scale it wouldn make the world a better place and would just make women in the workforce in STEM fields look incompetent at times because they would not be qualified.

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The spill changed life for many in Valdez, and he said the bottom fell out of the price for fish. Many fishermen lost boats or their homes. (AP Photo/Mark Thiessen). The Q with the audience, Klaus fielded a number of questions about his beliefs and about the cap and trade system in Europe. On the latter, he explained, don think I am being heretical: It is considered a nonsuccess. The scheme has not worked.

I loved seeing the meltdown of those who, for so many years, have done anything and everything to silence, shame, attack, and outright bully anyone who dares to disagree with their cookie cutter ideology. All this is with a thick layer of sanctimony. This rivals and often tops anything I have ever seen from even the most sheltered evangelicals.