Korean Folk Tales

Korean Folk Tales

Korea's unique culture is best explained and understood through its great wealth of folk tales. Embedded in these stores are expressions of the people's gentle nature, their dreams and humour, their ethics and spiritual beliefs, their artistic and romantic ideas. An appreciation of these stories will help the reader to understand the Korean consciousness.

The twenty stories presented in this collection represent a variety of subjects and forms. They are selected for their universal appeal and the simplicity with which they relate moral lessons and the spiritual vision of the Korean people. In presenting these stories in English, the authors hope to share them with all children who read English, regardless of their ethnic origin. They also hope this publication will contribute to the growing body of multicultural literature in North America.

Young people who grow up in technologically advanced societies appear, at times, to be overly concerned with material wants and personal gratification, thus losing sight of the communal and spiritual dimensions of life. The authors believe an exposure to the ethical values and behavioural models presented in many of these stories may encourage them to seek a more enriching meaning to life.

Sponsored by the Society for Korean and Related Studies, this publication is financially supported by the Ministry of Citizenship and culture of the Government of Ontario. Written with Shiu L. Kong and Ruth W. Yu.

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Publisher: Kensington Educational