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Since 1967, I guess. That’s when the first “Redskins” trademark was registered. The judge ruled that action should have been taken then, not in the 1980s when the lawsuit was initiated. Was interesting to see this big spectacle in an otherwise different kind of environment, said Greenpoint resident Willis Elkins. Area is heavy industry, it not your typical tourist destination. The day leading up to the big show, drivers were stuck with traffic delays on both sides of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, as lanes are closed and traffic directed away from the old bridge and onto the new one..

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Get ready to love the cruise lineprice protection policy system. Most major cruise lines, including Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC, Carnival Cruises, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean, operate a system which allows the customer totake advantage of a lower rate if it comes up after they’ve booked. This means that you can book your cruise well in advance, and then if you notice that the price has decreased, you can request to have your rate lowered..

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