A two game match was then arranged between these two pioneer

A two game match was then arranged between these two pioneer Toronto hockey teams. The Globe recorded the first hockey game in Toronto history, one that was played at the Granites home rink, entered the books as a 4 1 victory for the Granites over the Caledonians. The rink on which that historic game was played was adjacent to the original Granite Club building on the east side of Church St.

Granite slab Granite Telecommunications employee Russ Bishop gets his head shaved Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at the company’s offices in West Palm Beach. Granite Telecommunications is challenging its employees to shave their heads to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. For every employee that accepts the challenge, the company will donate $5,000 to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Granite slab

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slate flooring tiles Just three years ago, city officials were talking about demolishing the Owen Block. Its numerous structural problems included significant amounts of water seeping through a collapsed section of roof, extensive interior deterioration, shifting exterior walls and a gutted interior. At one time, windows stayed open in winter, allowing animals and vandals inside.. slate flooring tiles

Granite Countertop The Oklahoma Bar Association has opened an investigation into an ethic.WASHINGTON (AP) The head of the Environmental Protection Agency used public money to have his office swept for hidden listening devices and bought sophisticated biometric locks for additional security.The spending items, totaling nearly $9,000, are among a string of increased counter surveillance precautions taken by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who also requires around the clock protection by an armed security team.The EPA’s Office of Inspector General is already investigating Pruitt’s $25,000 purchase of a custom made soundproof privacy booth for his office to deter eavesdropping on his phone calls.On Tuesday, EPA was forced to abandon a $120,000 no bid contract with a Republican linked public relations firm after it https://www.stonetiless.com/ was reported one of its partners had been investigating EPA employees critical of Pruitt’s stonetiless efforts to roll back or delay enforcement of environmental regulations.An accounting of Pruitt’s spending for the bug sweep and pricey locks was provided to The Associated Press by an EPA employee who spoke on condition of anonymity, citing concerns of retaliation.EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox defended the spending.”Administrator Pruitt has received an unprecedented amount of threats against him and while The Associated Press attempts to trivialize his safety, there is nothing nefarious about security decisions made by EPA’s Protective Service Detail,” Wilcox said Monday.EPA’s headquarters in Washington is a secure building, with armed guards posted at the entrances and metal detectors and X ray machines for scanning visitors and their bags.EPA paid $3,000 in April to Edwin Steinmetz Associates to conduct the bug sweep. The purchase of the biometric locks, which typically work by electronically scanning a person’s fingerprint, was spread over two transactions earlier this year of $3,390 and $2,495.Expenses under $3,500 are not routinely listed on a federal contracting website that provides public disclosure of government spending.EPA employees rarely deal with government secrets, though the agency does occasionally receive, handle and store classified material because of its homeland security, emergency response and continuity missions.Copies of Pruitt’s calendar released following public records requests show he has frequently used his ornate wood paneled office at EPA headquarters to meet with executives and lobbyists from industries regulated by his agency. In many cases, Pruitt has then announced policy decisions financially benefiting the companies with whom he had met.In an interview last week, security contractor Ed Steinmetz declined to comment on his work for specific clients, citing non disclosure agreements Granite Countertop.