A better position is to try to find a place where we can all

I realized that getting mad at religious people for believing what they believe is a bit like getting mad at a rainstorm for making things wet. A better position is to try to find a place where we can all agree on the importance of meaning derived from literature or works of the imagination. I know it would insult most Christians to consider the New Testament as a work of the imagination.

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It not obnoxious or annoying. She just very excited to be talking. I admire that.. It’s also something you have to do everywhere. When my son was seven months old, I went on a ski trip for the day and had to make a pit stop on the way because I forgot to pack a pump. Twenty bucks later found me using a hand pump in the passenger seat while simultaneously trying to hide my boobs from passing truck drivers and my cousin, who was laughing his butt off in the backseat.

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