All the episodes are concise and every scene is important as

One of the many good things about this series is that there has been absolutely no filler at all (yes, I thinking of Naruto, Inuyasha, etc), which prevents the story from losing momentum. All the episodes are concise and every scene is important as part of the huge plot. The dialogue fully explains everything and is straight to the point. Do I even need to mention that this is generic fucking shit with so many of the worst clichs of a typical LN and that it has some of the worst variations on them I have ever seen? Do I need to mention that this is basically a store bought brand of Konosuba that actually went beyond an expiration date before airing? No? Well, too bad! The characters with no defined personality, the setting, the story beats? Well, here’s something interesting: we don know how MC kun died! Think back to any Isekai you seen. Re:Zero? Subaru blinked and somehow fake into a fantasy world, unsure how it happened but he was summoned by Satela. Knight Magic? Kurata (who we know as Ernesti in the fantasy world) got ran over, though we don know how he got to his fantasy world.

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