Approaching bosses with minimal to no equipment will slowly

That money is being spent between now and September 2012 on a wide range of energy efficiency projects throughout the county, including the creation of the Regional Energy Office a partnership of SEMCOG, the Michigan Suburbs Alliance and the WARM Training Center.County administrators looked into whether the contract with Smith’s firm would be a conflict of interest and stated Wednesday it would not violate state law. Allows contracts to be approved by a public body provided that the public official involved discloses any direct or indirect personal benefits arising from the contract, abstains from voting on the contract, and the contract is approved by a two thirds vote of remaining board members.Commissioners voted 10 0 on the agreement during Wednesday’s Ways and Means Committee meeting with Smith abstaining. Upon final approval at the full board meeting that immediately followed, the vote was 9 0, as Commissioner Ken Schwartz, D 2nd District, was not at his seat when the vote was recorded.Smith, D 10th District, publicly disclosed his position with the Michigan Suburbs Alliance at a meeting on March 3.

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