Baltimore Ghost Tours, formerly Fells Point Ghost Tours,

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Plus, it’s in Fells Point, which certainly has more than a few ghosts enough for a cottage industry of sorts. Baltimore Ghost Tours, formerly Fells Point Ghost Tours, offers haunted walking tours and pub crawls in October and November.Admiral Fell Inn offers its own historic ghost tours of the seven buildings that make up the hotel.

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What’s important is that Mr. McClintock uncovered gross mismanagement and unprofessional behavior in a city government agency and put a stop to it. It happens that attachment parenting wasn something that worked for my family. I was interested in the idea of babywearing, but I had back issues even before I got pregnant, and parenthood hasn made them any better.

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As Jamie pointed out with agonizing honesty, they almost know less about each other now, after 20 years of separate life experiences, than they did when they first got together. That resulted in some beautifully awkward (and kind of heartbreaking) moments as the couple relearned each other like Jamie’s instinct to turn around out of modesty when he had to take off his trousers in front of Claire, despite the fact that she’s seen it all before..

The Lego Movie was revered for its hurricane of geeky references, some pulled from Warners’ vaults (DC superheroes), some licensed from other studios (Star Wars, for example). It’s fair to say that The Lego Batman Movie gives The Lego Movie a run for its money in that department it’s stuffed to the gills with characters, many of them villains, from a broad spectrum of intellectual property, both within Warner Bros.

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