But not them &&& And they are absent from non-adoration 382

Members of the society have also lead to the changing styles because they want to process photos at the shortest time possible. Some years back it took minutes to have a picture processed but currently it is just a matter of seconds. After he picture is take it can be scanned, printed or sent to a phone..

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And then become &&& as a stunner says and does not mean
381 They are present.. But not them &&& And they are absent from non-adoration 382 Lives in the presence of the absence of &&& In the absence of the presence of mind 383 And in the heart of the presence of the absence of spirit && See in the absence of thousands of eyes
384 What do you know who will contact you What &&& is seen from you Right or wrong ن!!
************************************ From the poems of Abdullah.. Sisi Imam Ali d / Salah al-Din al-Qusi
From the poem of relief
the eleventh door {conditions}.

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