Family members are inviting the public to gather Saturday to

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Designer Fake Bags Hi Sebastian, Wills here. We’ve just heard we’re supposed to be going to Beatrice’s bloody fancy dress coming of age party on the 15th. Well, I’m taking my primogeniture and gallantry exams that day and Harry’s so mashed at the moment that I doubt he’ll be compos mentis by then. Now, what’s a tea bagger without an outrageous sign? After great thought and Googling, I combined some of the most ridiculous (and common) tea bagger catchphrases into this single sentence: “THE LIBERTREE IS THIRSTY FOR THE BLOOD OF ISLAMO SOCIALISTS.” I picked out the Castellar font because, to me, it looked most like the one used on American currency, the great symbol of capitalism. Next to the words, taped together like a kidnapper’s note, I mounted the ubiquitous Obama as Heath Ledger’s Joke image: yet another intentional jab at tea bagger gullibility. As the LA Times reported, The image was created by a Dennis Kucinich supporter screwing around with automatic image transformation software Designer Fake Bags.

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