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Al-Shanqeeti said to his son: “O my child, see the Koran before you. The ceremony of honoring the Day of Resurrection is not like the celebrations of the world. You should not sin.

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VIII: Mtuslakh son of Ahnouk (Idris) peace be upon him
is: Mtuslakh son of Ahnouk (Idris peace be upon him)
He lived for nine hundred and eighty-two years
and was the successor to his father Idris peace be upon him and the first to ride the horse because he drew his father Ahnouk in the jihad (war wheels)
IX: Lamk Ben Mtushalkh
Ho : Lamek ibn Mtushelkh ibn Akhnoukh (Idris al-Salaam) Ibn al-Yayd ibn Mhaayel Bint Qinan bin Anoush ibn Nabi Allah Seth the son of the Prophet of God Adam on them X. The Prophet Noah peace be upon him the son of Lamk is: Prophet of Allah Noah peace be upon him Lamk bin Mtuslakh son of the Prophet Idris him called Abu human because of those who were on the earth were all offspring of the carrying in the ship Noah peace be upon him (offspring of our pregnancy with Noah He was a worshiper of thanks. “(3) Isra

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A girl who had a beautiful voice in reading the Holy Quran had a time dedicated to reading the Koran,

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The girl came to the house one day, and her parents were sad to see her, and the mother longed for her sad voice, so she decided to go to her room at the same time that her daughter recited the Koran to regain some of her memories of her daughter. Next to the door of her room and heard the voice of crying with a wonderful thin voice and I was afraid to go to her husband and I told him what I heard

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