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He said to me, “You are afraid that God will make you miserable and His Messenger said,” I said, I thought that you came to some of your wives. He said that God is coming down on the night of the second half of Sha’baan to the lowest heaven. ————————————————– ————————-
The method of du’aa ‘After the Maghrib prayer, the imam meets with the congregation and the man with his family, and the du’aa’ is recited three times before it Read Surah Yassin three times

First: We read Surah Yasin structure of prolonging life in obedience to God and good closing and death on the perfection of faith and then Quaa We read the du’aa II: We read Surah Yassin structure of expansion in the livelihood Then we read the du’aa ‘of the third part: We read Surat Yaseen with the intention of relieving the cherub from the believers in all parts of the earth and the majority of the land and the people of Syria in particular, and then we recite the du’aa’ of half of the supplication of the half of Sha’baan.

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