Measures have also been taken to tackle tax evasion via the

When I was in high school, my friends and I spent weeks trying to convince our English teacher to watch The Wonder Years. For whatever reason, she resisted. She finally caved the week that “Christmas” in which Kevin tries to find the perfect gift for Winnie and convince his dad to buy a color TV aired for the first time.

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cheap replica handbags Increased tax policy co ordination would help Member States to meet these objectives.Removing obstacles for citizensOn 20 December 2010, the European Commission, as part of the objective under the Europe 2020 strategy of empowering EU citizens to play a full part in the single market, announced plans to ensure that tax rules do not discourage individuals from benefiting from the internal market. The Communication “Removing cross border tax obstacles for EU citizens” outlines the most serious tax problems that EU citizens face in cross border situations, such as discrimination, double taxation, difficulties in claiming tax refunds and difficulties in obtaining information on foreign tax rules, and announces plans for solutions.See the press release (IP/10/1751 ), the citizens’ summary in 22 languages, the Communication (COM/2010/769 ), and the Staff Working Document (SEC/2010/1576 ) which describes the Commission’s problem solving services for EU citizens and the types of tax rules that have been found incompatible with the EU Treaties.Other policy actionsSome co ordinated action to tackle tax obstacles and inefficiencies has been achieved in the company tax, VAT, excise duties, and car tax areas. Measures have also been taken to tackle tax evasion via the savings tax Directive and via Directives providing mutual assistance between tax administrations. cheap replica handbags

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