O Allah, I seek refuge in you for every sin that I have tired

The answer to ask forgiveness on Friday for the Boussieri may Allah be pleased with him

(God) I ask you for all the guilt of a strong physical body Bafaitk, and received my ability thanks to your grace, and extended to my hands with your livelihood, and I protested about the people Bstrk, and I trust in it when I fear you for your safety, And authenticated from your foot on me where your dream and relied on the generosity of your face, O Lord, bless and bless our master Muhammad and the Prophet Muhammad and forgive him, O good (God) I ask you for every sin that calls for your anger, or to denounce your anger, or tends to me O Lord, bless and bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad and Agaf (O Allah) I seek you for every sin that one of your creation has brought to me with my foolishness, or his deceit in my tricks, so I taught him what ignorance and adornment he had of him, what he had done and met you tomorrow in Azari and Ozar with a chapter, O Lord, and blessings and blessings upon our master Muhammad and upon the family of our master Muhammad and forgive him. O Allah, I seek refuge in you for every sin that I have tired of I will seek forgiveness for you in all my sins. I will seek refuge in you from all my sins.

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Omar bin al-Khattab said: If I will put you on the limit
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The man said: I have handed the treasure and my brother to his brothers and I under your hand to assess Ali Hadad
Surprised Omar bin al-Khattab and said: What returned you could have escaped??

The man said: I was afraid to say it has gone to fulfill the Covenant of the people
Asked Omar bin al-Khattab Abu Dhar Why guaranteed???? Abu Dhar said: I was afraid to say it has gone Better than the people
and affected by the children of the dead
And they said we have been away from him
Omar ibn al-Khattab said: Why?
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