Over a month, six e mail campaigns totaling 3

stageworks’ preachy production of ‘in the blood’ feels anemic

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wholesale replica designer handbags [nT267373]However, JFE Steel is not considering taking a large stake in the Indian firm, Eiji Hayashida, head of JFE Steel, told Reuters in an interview on June 16. [nLDE65F180]While JSW would not be keen on buying picking shares in JFE at this time, Jindal said the partnership will give the Indian company better presence among the Japanese automobile manufacturers.automakers prefer Japanese suppliers so if you have a JV with a Japanese player, marketing becomes easier, Jindal told shareholders in response to queries on the partnership.Besides, JSW is rapidly raising capacity and scouting for iron ore and coking coal mines both in India and abroad to secure raw material supplies.The company, which produces about 8 million tonnes of steel per annum, would raise annual capacity to 10 million tonnes by March 2011 and hopes to take it to 32 million by 2020.To further consolidate its position, JSW is also in talks with Andhra Pradesh based Brahmani Steel for a partnership and may pick stakes, Jindal said without divulging details.there is an opportunity, we will try and look at it, he said when asked if the company was looking at buying smaller players.Small and marginal players in the steel industry may not be able to survive the increasing pressure on raw material costs, paving the way for buyouts by larger producers, Manoj Mohta, the head of research at Crisil, had told Reuters this month. See [nSGE6520DW]IMPORTS THREAT Rising steel imports at lower prices is disturbing Jindal told shareholders, adding this along with higher iron ore exports are likely to put the local industry at a disadvantage.shall continue to impress upon the government to take appropriate steps and implement policies, which will arrest this trend, he said.Steel prices have fallen in the past few months mainly on account of de stocking, Jindal said adding demand for steel is still intact.Jindal expects input cost pressure to ease in the third quarter ending December but did not give any numbers.C Reuters 2010 wholesale replica designer handbags.

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