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January 20 1918, Imbros the evacuation of Gallipoli, the Allied naval presence off the Dardanelles had been much reduced. It was especially low in mid January due to the diversion of a pre dreadnought to a conference in Salonika, and the Turks and Germans decided to take advantage of this by sending the Yavuz and Midilli (formerly the Goeben and Breslau) through the Dardanelles to raid British naval forces around the Greek island of Imbros and their naval base at Mudros. In addition to sinking British ships, it was hoped the move would force the Allies to move additional vessels to the area, relieving pressure on Palestine and possibly hampering anti submarine operations..

“The other challenge was the chronology. Though chronology is a fundamental method, it’s not the only way in which we study history. Different cultures think of the concept of time differently.

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