” Peculiarly, the 1906 Atlanta white race riot does not seem to

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Due to the inadvertent weather system and the possibility of electricity being affected island wide, Dip N Lik Deli and Ice Cream will be closed tomorrow Tuesday 5th September 2017!

As a result we are announcing to all our customers and potential customers; we are GIVING AWAY ALL the ice cream we have in
Yes we are giving it away FREE!!!!
Only Dip N Lik does Hermes Replica Bag it like this!!!!

Flavors remaining;
Ponche Cherry Cookies & Sour Sop
Come get it whilst it
Bring the whole family, your cousins aunts, uncles, wife, husband, friend and the friend of your friend

Come to our Road Town Location located at the Palm Grove Shopping Center and get yourself a treat, we close at 7pm tonight Thank you in advance for stopping by!!!

And to EVERYONE out there please be safe during this time!!!!

Update; we are currently doing preparations so we are opened till 9pm or so Replica Hermes

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