Prior to the resolution passage

a great way to replace traditional incandescent bulbs

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Wholesale Replica Bags When The Well opens its doors for its first Sunday service in its new home downtown, Pastor Dylan Robinson is praying for a revival “that lives will be changed.””God has been so great,” the 23 year old recovering addict says during the final service at the Hilton Doubletree on North Glenstone Avenue. “We are so excited about what is next for The Well and what’s next for our lives.”Depending upon God for “what’s next” has been a cornerstone of Robinson’s life for the past seven years and the life of The Well, a church that started just over a year ago with a core group of about 60 people meeting in the hotel, growing to about 200 in worship each Sunday.What will happen Sunday is the beginning of a new chapter for the church. By renting a space in the College Station building, directly across from Hollywood Theatre on the west side of downtown Springfield, the church is hoping to grow and to reach some populations that are not always comfortable in church.An important part of the church’s mission is to “Serve Well.” That means serving the community, whether it is working with the nearby Rare Breed center for homeless teens or supporting local businesses Wholesale Replica Bags.

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