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Yet on this lovely warm day toward the end of summer, when everyone in Edmonton wants to be outside, the picnic tables are empty. The ping pong table sits untouched, unloved. And small wonder.

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On the ride over, Rubj started humming the song the turbaned man in cartoons plays to mesmerize the cobra. When I arrived at the dinner, the host hugged me and said, “You smell good.” A few hours later, on the couch, I had a coterie of guests smelling my wrists and neck. We decided the fragrance smelled like a “ravished ballerina.” Right then I put Rubj Eau de Parfum on my “to buy” list..

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Promoting Indian weaves and design on a global platform is a commendable job for any celebrity to achieve. But, when the same intention backfires, there is no bigger disservice that can be done to our traditional style inheritance. All that Vidya has achieved in these 6 days of appearances in anarkalis, lehengas and saris is to pigeon hole Indian fashion.

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