She added: “It’s a funny story

The book lays out a grand saga of human ambition and audacity, but it’s the animals’ stories their lives and deaths and hardships that catch hold of readers and don’t let go. Charman unloads a numbing litany of animal misery that batters the reader like a boxer working over a speed bag. Kangaroos hurl themselves at fences, monkeys attack each other in cramped, dark cages and an elephant named Jack breaks a tusk while smashing up his den.

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In one camp, a young girl was wrestled to the floor after catching some bread thrown from a passing tuc tuc. An older boy emerged from the tussle proudly clutching the misshapen roll, while the girl ran away in tears. On another occasion, an elderly woman staggered away from a frenzied crowd, her leg streaming with blood..

2 Miley, what’s good? Perry debuts a platinum blonde pixie cut that has an awful lot of fans doing a double take with the Malibu singer. The pop star later draws heat for a sarcastic response about her ‘do to a fan on Instagram Live in April, who comments that they prefer her longer, darker locks. “Oh, do you miss Barack Obama as well?” Perry retorts.

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