Similarly, for hotels, a lower percentage of the expenses

Awesome! It’s a perfect snack and if you can’t get over the curds, trying blending it in a smoothie or just blending it with a little fruit. We’ve even added a spoonful to spaghetti (poor man lasagna), oatmeal, pancake batter or, if you’re like me, by the spoonful out of the container. Mangia!.

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In cases where the employer is engaged in the business of carriage of passengers or goods by motor car or by aircraft, a lower percentage of expenses on repair, running and maintenance of motor cars or aircrafts or fuel expenses has been specified. Similarly, for hotels, a lower percentage of the expenses incurred on hospitality has been specified for purposes of calculating the liability under the fringe benefit tax. An employer liable to pay fringe benefit tax is required to furnish a return of fringe benefits before the due date as given in section 115WD.

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