Start at Wynyard Station, and head up to the exit at George

There are some places to eat and drink inside or on the western side of the Opera House underneath the main level.For dinner, there are places to eat in and around Circular Quay, ranging from the cheap cafe to the expensive restaurant. Enjoy dinner looking out over Circular Quay.Day 2[edit]Morning and early afternoon[edit]The Queen Victoria Building, from George Street (at the Town Hall end)On Day 2, it’s time to return to the CBD, this time to explore the western part of the CBD, starting at Wynyard in the north of the CBD. Like the itinerary for Day 1, you’re not going to have the time to cover everything here, so start early, plan your itinerary well and select the things you like.Start at Wynyard Station, and head up to the exit at George Street (through the Wynyard Arcade).

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