Still, it was not something people ever talked aboutMs

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Reading, I no longer feel at home. I read Moravia’s Gli indiffer enti (The Time of Indifference) and La noia (The Empty Canvas). Pavese’s La luna e i falo (The Moon and the Bonfires).

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And we must not worship God alone, and we do not share anything with Him, and enjoin us to pray and pay zakaah. And the guardian We have ratified and trusted him and followed him to the words of the religion of Allah and our servant God alone and we did not share anything with him and denied us what God has forbidden us and analyzed us what we have, so we have our people and fascinated by our religion to return us to worship idols for worshiping God and to settle. “Ja’far spoke with Amr ibn al-Aas in the presence of al-Najashi.” Amr said to Jaafar: “Speak,” he said.

If you are not into gourmand sweetie fruits it is not for you. If you are not into celebrity perfumes (Britney, Taylor Swift and Mariah, for instance) you may not be a fan of this one. Lasting power on skin is average at best.

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To my regret I have not been to India, and I would deeply love to. I’m interested in your cities, but I’m even more interested in the quieter parts of your country. I’d love to see the wilderness.

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