“The British Dental Association recommends that people should

Jewellery worn on the tongue following piercing can also lead to chipped teeth if it wears away tooth enamel.A 2005 study of 50 patients published in the British Dental Journal found that chipped teeth, most commonly associated with tongue piercings, was the most common problem, while receding gums was seen as a problem caused by lip piercings.For all these reasons the British Dental Association recommends avoiding having oral piercings. It warns that people may also encounter problems with chewing, swallowing and speech.For people who have already had an oral piercing, the Oral Health Foundation recommends using an antiseptic mouthwash to help keep the area clean.”Try to avoid playing or fiddling with it and having it come into contact with teeth, especially when speaking or eating as this leads to teeth wear which can lead to extensive dental intervention,” says Dr Carter. “If you are taking part in sports remove the jewellery to minimise the risk of any damage through trauma.”The British Dental Association recommends that people should monitor their piercings for any sign of infection or other complication and make sure they see their dentist regularly..

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