The Eagles’ ninth year head coach is an offensive guru who has

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Man in charge: Beau Baldwin. The Eagles’ ninth year head coach is an offensive guru who has led Eastern to a top 10 FCS national ranking in passing eight times and total offense six times, including this season. Hehas a 79 31 record in Cheney and the Eagles won the 2010 national championship under his watch..

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In an unusuallydramatic audition, this quartet of a salsa dance troupe from San Antonio finds one of its dancers injured almost as soon as they begin performing. While the wounded dancer heads to the hospital, the group meets with the judges and offer to perform as a duet. The result is a vibrant, fast, sexy, and acrobatic salsa that wows everyone.

The Frates family has a strong connection to both the Red Sox and Major League Baseball (and of course, Boston College). Pete took his own ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ the worldwide phenomenon he helped popularize last summer to raise more than $100 million dollars for ALS in front of Fenway Park’s Green Monster in August. He was also present and on the field at Fenway during pregame ceremonies honoring Derek Jeter before the Yankee great’s last ever game on Sept.

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