There are many women that refuse to affiliate themselves with

From the sizzling sharpness of freshly cut garlic to the cool tang of a father’s aftershave; the heady intoxication of a fumbled first kiss to the anodyne void of disinfectant and death, this is a decadently original olfactory memoir. In sixty three elusive episodes we roam freely across the countryside of Lorraine, North East France, from kitchen to farm to a lover’s bed. Recognising the bittersweet nostalgia of a scent that slips away on the summer breeze, Claudel demonstrates again his impeccable grasp of the personal and the universal, interweaved with a rare self deprecating charm.

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Oooh, now you got me really excited, Robin! I pestered the life out of a l assistant in Covent Garden last week (she kept assuring me that the one was Nuit de Tubereuse) until she eventually remembered that they received a small tester that day, of something that was something to do with Istanbul. After much searching, she found it in a drawer, so I finally got to test TdB I loved it. Turkish Delight on suede delicious.

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