Trish said he was just 19 when he came to serve this ship and

How does he imagine that he should hide something and he who has shown everything?

How does he imagine that he will hide something that is revealed in everything?

How to imagine that something is hidden by the appearance before everything exists.

How do you imagine that something should be hidden by him? He is the one who has nothing with him.

How can he imagine that something is hidden from him? He is closer to you than all things.

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– Abu Bakr and the good of Baal did not orphaned and did not heal

Mountains are separated from them colliding with them – what did he see of them in every collision? Hamra after what was received

All of the drafts of lumines
and writers Bismar the line is not left
pens non-character body

Shaki weapons to them especially distinguish them
Lord has a special advantage of peace
guide you the winds of victory Posted by: From the intensity of the firmness

And not from an unarmed enemy
I will help his nation in the achievement of his calamity
Calith solved with the cubs in Ajam
How many words of God

How to discount the proof of the discount
Kafak by science in the illiterate Miracle
In the ignorance and discipline in the orphanage
Tusul the Prophet peace be upon him

Moulay peace and blessings always on the Your beloved is the best of all creatures. Served with praiseOmar went through poetry and service
as he imitates me what I fear its consequences – as if I had a gift from the graces
I obeyed the boy in both cases and what I got only the sins and regret – the loss of the same in its trade
did not buy The religion in the world is not called

And those who sell it later in its agony
Building the injustice in selling and in peace
If a sin comes, what is my covenant by the end of the Prophet, nor my husband in Manzram? Muhammad is the most generous man in the world. If not in hostile, take my hand So say the slip of the foot
Hashah to deprive the Raji Makaremh
or return the neighbor is not respected
Since I committed my thoughts and praise
I found him to my salvation best committed
and will not miss the rich of him hand is raised – Flowers in Akam
I did not want the flower of the world that was kidnapped
hand Zuhair praised the pyramid
in the mobilization and the needs of the needs

O Akram, the creation of what I have to eat by Sawaak when the incident happens General The name of an avenger

– According to the disobedience in the section
Lord and make my Rajai non-reflexive You have to make my account non-punctuated
and kindness in your servant in the Darren that has
Sabra when you let him horrors defeated – and permission to withdraw prayer from you permanently
the Prophet Menhal and Mengamem

What’s New? And on the age of
and on Ali and Osman the vineyard
and the family and the followers and then the followers of the understanding of the people of met and purity and dreams and generosity
O Lord, My God to all Muslims including the recited in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and in the Haram
Beja from his home in

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