You notice it has two binding sites

Precautions: For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Apvs Brasil vehicular protection
R $ 92 – Belford Roxo

🚘🔵🔴 * APVS- PROTEÇĀO VEICULAR * 🔵🔴🚚🏍🛥. * 👉 See our Benefits for your plan: *

✅ Burglary, Theft, and Fire;
Par Partial and Replica Designer Handbags Total Collision;
✅ Coverage 100% Fipe
✅ Free of ✅ Nature Phenomena (Flood, Hail and Fall of Trees)
✅ Coverage for third of up to 50 thousand

✅ Funeral Assistance of up to R $ ✅ Residential Assistance – Locksmith, Electrician and ✅ Assistance ✅ Assistance 24hs Territory • Towing (4 per month); 100km

• Assistance in the lack of fuel

• Replacement of the flat tire

✅ FREE TRAINER, a racer will be installed in the vehicle of the associate plus the vehicle is now protected on the date it is included in the vehicle protection system and not only after the installation of the equipment.

📌No Profile Analysis; SPC and Serasa

📌 Monthly payment via ticket

📌 Payment DEBIT
Come also to the Authorized Consultant
Cristiano Gonçalves
📲21 97031-.

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