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we need to stop giving them extensions and change something FOR ONCE! buy thauvin, martial anybody really. we need hungry, pacey and lethal wingers canada goose outlet online uk that create and finish goals. ribery was horrible canada goose black friday sale today but it was goose outlet canada expected, as if we can make a cl final with a 35 y/o winger on the left side canada goose factory sale canada goose outlet nyc and a shadows striker buy canada goose jacket turned winger on the right.fuck our board, this was so apparant even from canada goose outlet black friday the uk canada goose outlet start of canada goose jacket outlet the season.also, users like this canada goose outlet canada that argue robben and ribery are canada goose outlet reviews still “magical” and all that kinda shit infuriate me, it been the same for 5 fucking years now canada goose uk outlet but if they were in charge robben canada goose clearance and ribery would get new canada goose store canada goose outlet toronto factory contracts until they canada goose outlet in usa cant walk anymore. 1 point submitted 2 days agoDafuq? I was Canada Goose Coats On Sale under the impression Ribery and Robben have been kept on as backup. canada goose uk black friday Obviously Coman is official Canada Goose Outlet canada goose outlet starting canada goose coats over Ribery. And we get a good replacement for Robben. They are being kept as backup and to teach the young ones some stuff, not as starters.I mean Ribery has zero chance to start over a fit Coman, so I have no idea where your crazy misconception comes from and why you are actually upvoted for it lol.Keeping Ribery and Robben another year as backup/teaching influence Canada Goose online has been a great move.TheBlindLeader 1 point submitted 3 days agoBloodseeker cheap canada goose uk is Canada Goose sale a claw, canada goose outlet online not a glove. Also, I have used that claw very efficiently with Slayer. canada goose outlet store As canada goose long as you dual wield and use a normal claw in canada goose black friday Canada Goose Parka sale offhand you will have the canada goose outlet uk sale full normal overleech plus a good amount of instant leech at the same time.Of course only with canada goose uk shop skills that alternate between main and offhand. If a skill uses both hands at the same time you have instant leech for both.Also, it is usually only canada Canada Goose Online goose outlet sale a very budget option for getting started. canada goose factory outlet Canada Goose Jackets A high DPS claw with life gained on hit canada goose outlet parka will easily outperform Bloodseeker while also offering some nice instant “leech”.Maybe I can try again: It is easy to cheap Canada Goose see how some people could by hyped for Bless. That means that asking that question is simply the sign of someone not knowing anything about the canada goose clearance sale canada goose outlet jackets reasons why some people are hyped or he simply wants to be a party buy canada goose jacket cheap pooper.I personally don give a fuck about Bless, but I still can see the canada goose outlet shop reasons why someone would by hyped for the game. 16 points submitted 7 days agoAre you for fuckin real? You can tell me you did not consider every league match after we had the title secured canada goose outlet as a break. It is just logical to use them as breaks. EVERY team, in every sport, in the whole fuckin world would use them as breaks.Not sure what this has to do with being arrogant. Uli saying it out loud, sure, that was not his greatest move, as I said in my previous comment. Really not sure why you come at me like this. canada goose outlet uk Maybe you are humor impaired or misunderstood something else? 4 points submitted 7 days agoDu hast sie gepostet, ist egal ob du sie kopiert hast. Wusste nicht, dass wir hier inhaltlich komplett falsche Fantasie bersetzungen posten drfen.Das ist hier kein Fall von falschem Wort genutzt aber man versteht was gemeint canadian goose jacket ist. “Lifestlye” statt “life” zu nutzen verndert den gesamten Sinn von canada goose outlet store uk dem was er gesagt hat. Statt wie ein professioneller Sportler der sich Gedanken um seine Zukunft macht, wirkt die Aussage als ob canada goose uk canada goose outlet new york city er seine sportlichen Entscheidungen davon abhngig macht wo er am meisten Spa haben und Party machen kann.Und meinen Ton fand ich jetzt nicht sonderlich schlimm, hab nur gesagt, dass canada goose coats on sale der Titel falsch ist und wie von einem 5. Klssler bersetzt wirkt. Da du nicht der bersetzer bist Canada Goose Outlet wie du sagst, bezieht sich das ja alles gar nicht mehr auf dich.

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