Established through a partnership between the V Waterfront and

Josef Albers said direct perception is key to understanding color. The Bauhaus professor’s iconic tome “Interaction of Color” was published in 1963 and is considered a revered reference for artists, instructors and students half a century later. Now anyone can access Albers’ lessons on the Interaction of Color App, which teaches through text, short video explanations and hands on activities that touch on topics like geometric relationships and light gradients, for example.

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replica Purse Opening today, Cape Town’s Zeitz MOCAA is set to become Africa’s most important cultural attraction. Established through a partnership between the V Waterfront and former Puma CEO Jochen Zeitz, the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa will showcase diverse modern art from throughout the continent; it is the first major museum of its kind in all of Africa. (Guests who want to get as close to the new landmark as possible can stay at Cape Town’s Silo Hotel, which opened earlier this year and stands atop some of the complex.). replica Purse

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