In 7 Days a Skeptic, your role is supposedly ship’s councellor

The Chzo Mythos is susceptible to this. In 7 Days a Skeptic, your role is supposedly ship’s councellor and yet you end up running around doing everything, including tasks that should be someone else’s responsibility. This is most glaringly apparent with Adam, the engineer, who seems to have no qualms at all in leaving someone far less qualified to take care of things he should be doing, although he’s rightly presented as a douche for acting that way. In 6 Days a Sacrifice, you are sent to run around finding guns or looking for vital objects despite nursing some rather severe injuries following a nice little fall down an elevator shaft. Yahtzee both justifies and lampshades this in the 6 Days special edition commentary by pointing out how dull the game would be if the player character could only sit around doing nothing.

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