In spite of all that, she still manages to retain some

Do Healthy Choices Matter

canada goose jacket outlet sale I like to believe I have some control over my health; it just feels better to live that way. So, I thought I’d challenge myself to formulate my unconscious and conscious health choices into an canada goose uk outlet organized list. Moving into the second half of my life, this requires some reflection. canada goose jacket outlet sale

canada goose outlet seattle It turns out most of my Canada Goose online healthy choices are fear based and driven by what I am trying to avoid. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease run canadian goose jacket in my family. The doctors have noted it on their “intake” forms, and I have noted it around our dining room table and in our shared dressing rooms. So I try to think canada goose black friday sale about how to minimize this threat. canada goose outlet seattle

canada goose outlet nyc My Nana’s choices were fear based as well. Others in my family may have been enamored by her canada goose stringency but have chosen a Canada Goose Outlet looser model, knowing that her self imposed canada goose factory sale structure was Canada Goose Online way too monastic for them. canada goose outlet nyc

canada goose outlet black friday Frankly, the looser model makes me anxious. However. This is not about judgment but it’s about Canada Goose Jackets self protection trying to exert control over the uncontrollable. canada goose outlet black friday

buy canada goose uk And then there’s the “what’s next?” As we talk about the canada goose store choices in front of her, it is clear her choice list has narrowed as so much personal power has been canada goose coats taken away and put in the hands of the doctors and the drugs they cheap Canada Goose will administer. In spite of all that, she still manages to retain some control, and chooses how she will eat, exercise and relax her mind to absorb the stress of the treatments to come. buy canada goose uk

canada goose outlet london Being able uk canada goose outlet to make choices is not always liberating as much as burdensome yet necessary. When most of us go to the doctor we are faced with a cheap canada goose uk multitude of choices that are relatively benign and unclear. Medication: Should we get a flu shot? Should we take statins to prevent heart disease? Nutrition: Should we cut wheat out of our diet? Should we eat fewer sugary grapes or more antioxidants like blueberries?Exercise: Should we stop running now if we hope to still be able to walk 10 years from now? canada goose outlet london

canada goose outlet ontario What do I have to give up today so that buy canada goose jacket I can live longer? canada goose outlet ontario

canada goose outlet online uk The little voice inside knows canada goose clearance that I am really not fully in charge. Our lack of control over buy canada goose jacket cheap our health is played out in uk canada goose the news daily as we hear about toxins in our food and in our homes. canada goose outlet online uk

canada goose outlet shop When I was younger, I loved Breck Shampoo Canada Goose sale I loved the canada goose uk black friday smell and the image of the Breck girl. However, now I discover that my choice of shampoo as a kid could be the cause of someone else’s health issues. canada goose outlet shop

canada goose outlet in vancouver There was an amazing piece by artist Hans Haacke at the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Titled “Where Women Have a Choice,” the piece mocks women’s ability to choose. It refers to the choices given to the female employees of American Cyanamid (where Breck was manufactured) after discovering the toxic issues surrounding the production of their product in the late 1970s. They canada goose clearance sale could canada goose coats on sale choose to take a lower paying clerical job in the company, if available, leave the company, Canada Goose Coats On Sale or, some thought, get sterilized and keep their jobs. I Canada Goose Parka don’t know which shampoo I’m supposed to select. I am not sure which fruits or vegetables will be toxin free. I don’t know whether buying organic makes a difference. white wine controversy. It’s all too confusing. canada goose outlet canada goose outlet sale in vancouver

canada goose jacket uk It turns out that if I make a healthy choice lifestyle list it won’t guarantee good health. so canada goose uk shop why bother? If I want to live longer and enjoy my life, I think I will just have to take it step by step, breath by breath and meal by meal. Or maybe I’ll just take a nap canada goose jacket uk.

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