R $ 13,99

# Chicken or Mixed Yakisoba, Vegetables +

Other perky (and interesting) aspects of Limette 37: its lemon lime sparkling soda phase, with a hint of sweetness mixing with acidic citrus juice; the citrus y vetiver in the base; and a petit grain “moment” that reminds me of the aromas ofvintage Eaux de Cologne soaps from Spain. Limette 37’s musk, clove and tonka beans do not intrude on thecitrus and flowers effervescencethose richer notes are almost put on “mute.” I have not even one complaint about Limette 37; though it does not remind me of San Francisco; it smells more like La Jolla or Malibu or Ojai.

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Expenses: 5,200.

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Thursday Buffet lunch For only $
Plumrose Restaurant Buffet Lunch Menu $15 per Person



Red Bean Soup with and without Pigtail


Tossed Green Salad w/ baby spinach, tomato, cucumber w/ a vinaigrette dressing
Island Style Cole Slaw w/ Pineapples
Local Saltfish Cakes


Jerk Rub Jerk Chicken
Pan Fried Grouper w/ a Creole Sauce
BBQ Beef Rib


Local Seasoned Rice
Macaroni Pie
Herb Roasted Potatoes / Boil Sweet Potato
Steam Vegetable Medley

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How about eating a Japanese food here Hermes Replica Purse Valley in NIRAGUI Then call and make your request to know our # 10 Sashimi or Sushi + 1 Temaki
# Temaki Skin and
# Sushi Skin or kani (8 units)……………. R $ 14,00

# 25 Hot Crock + 1 Temaki Crock + Soda # 25 Hot Philadelphia + Soda # # Temaki Skin or Temaki Kani + Soda Can………………………………………………. R $ 13,99

# Chicken or Mixed Yakisoba, Vegetables + Soda # 25 Hot + 10 Uramaki
# 25 Hot + 10 Sashimi (5 Salmon Sashimi and 5 Whitefish or Tuna ………………… ….. R $ 49,99

# 25 Hot + Yakissoba (Chicken / Mixed / Calabrian)……………………………………… R $ 44,99

# 10 Uramaki Skin + 10 Philadelphia + Refrigerant
# 2 Temaki Filadélfia (Salmon / Tuna / White Fish) + Soda Can…………….. R $ 29,99

# 75
# 75 Hot + 2 Re cooler # 5 Being 3 savory and 2 sweet (only 2 of the same flavor)

You can not stay out of this Only here in NIRAGUI
Call and make your request tel: 3025-0534 / 96410-4181 or by Page and Facebook even by the We serve in the Districts of: Padre Miguel, Bangu, Realengo, Sulacap, Mallet, Magalhães Bastos, Senador Camará, * single delivery fee of R $ 5.00 >
We accept cash, credit and debit cards, including the flag
Tuesday to Sunday
18 at 00 hs

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