Remember to use Shield Swipe

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cheap moncler Violet Seren 17 points submitted 3 days ago cheap moncler

That doesn even make sense. If people can get the gear they want for their main then it would probably just make people less likely to want to do it.

moncler outlet store And yeah class doesn really matter when it comes to mechanics. And there isn an enrage timer to worry about so DPS gear isn a huge matter. A decent healer moncler sale can keep their mana up for quite some time. And as for tanks well. the only thing they would really need to worry about is the tank buster. moncler outlet store

None of that moncler mens jackets really depends on mains though so I have no idea what thought process went into SEs head on this one. 0 points submitted 7 days ago

moncler factory outlet My static run the same tank and healing setup, and I moncler outlet too noticed that we for a while had some players (usually DPS) that got the long 1 HP debuff during those phases. Though I can say for certain, my suspicion is that it has something to do with how AoE effects moncler outlet store are applied, the server tick and positioning since there shouldn be any sources of chip damage on the DPS or healers during that phase. moncler factory outlet

moncler sale outlet My solution has unfortunately been to simply overheal via the following: moncler sale outlet

Place ES during 2nd Ultima before Forsaken 1; CU during F1

Detonate ES to heal F1, Asp. B. on MT, moncler outlet sale Helios one or two times depending on co healer output

moncler jacket sale Largesse after Heartless Archangel cast, Lucid/CO (optional) Edit: Actually I think 10 extra seconds here helps a lot moncler jacket sale

moncler outlet uk Helios, Synastry OT, Helios, Benefic I/II on lower tank > Tanks take Wings damage moncler outlet uk

moncler outlet jackets Helios to counteract Ultima damage and singe target heal if a tank is missing cheap moncler coats a lot for some reason moncler outlet jackets

cheap moncler jackets 2 GCDs for dps during Heartless Archangel if timing permits cheap moncler jackets

moncler jackets outlet Lightspeed > Helios x2, place ES for Light of Judgement moncler jackets outlet

moncler sale I avoided Asp. Helios since Heartless Archangel removes all HoT effects. My steps are dependent on my co healer output and I know she drops an Indom and two a bunch of succors in there, but I not sure exactly where. I think you can balance it out better and cut down on Helios usage if you shuffle the cooldowns a bit but at this point I too lazy to experiment. moncler sale

cheap moncler coats So I just started doing some level 50 dungeons as a Paladin, and I’m having a rough time keeping enmity on mobs. I’ve been having to use all my enmity gaining abilities off the get go in fights, and I’ve been having to use Flash about every other mechanic cheap moncler jackets to keep it. Even on bosses there’s been a bit of a struggle in the beginning of fights getting and holding it. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I really haven’t had trouble up to this point so I’m not sure what it is. My rotation was Lob, then Flash/Circle of Storm, then I’d just do the regular mechanics with Flash thrown in every now and again. But that did not work on these last two dungeons I did. What should be the rotation I follow at this point? I also have problems with Ultimatum, as there’s always one or two mobs in a group that lose enmity right away or cheap moncler never get picked up. Is it finicky compared to Flash or am I just not being careful enough. Any help is appreciated! 1 point submitted 12 days ago cheap moncler coats

You should start by checking your item level. The moment you hit 50 you start getting queued with monlcer down jackets players at iL190 so if you still rocking gear from sub 50 dungeons or other kinds of comparatively weak gear, your enmity generation will be quickly outstripped.

cheap moncler jackets sale Stay in Shield Oath until you confident in generating enmity. In general when it comes to actions you should be able to use Fight or Flight on every other pull if things die quick, or even on every pull if enemies die slow. What I do personally is Flash > Circle of Scorn > Flash > Halone combo, where I cycle through targets during the combo and then Flash again after Rage of Halone if I see someone climbing the enmity list. Remember to use Shield Swipe. But I don main PLD, so secondary opinion on that one. cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler outlet As far as Ultimatum is concerned, it an AoE variant of Provoke. It will place you at the top of the enmity list for all enemies caught within it, as if you had used Provoke on them. So on a fresh mob with nobody on it list, you be placed at 1 unit of enmity. Same goes for middle of fight usage. If you already on top of the list for the pack, using Ultimatum will only add a single unit of enmity. It used to shift attention back to you, not to generate additional aggro on something already focused on you. 4 points submitted 16 days ago moncler outlet

cheap moncler outlet As long as SqE insist on pushing out a job quest every two levels that consist of three or four talk/fight objectives, the type and quality of the stories we can enjoy will keep being diminished. Adding to that, the pacing/delivery of the plot points will be garbled as well. cheap moncler outlet

The SB MNK questline touched on things Cheap Moncler Jackets both very enjoyable and very disappointing for me in terms of job story. When it started out, I got hella hyped about getting something about the Fist of Rhagr and the royal family of Ala Mhigo. Rebuilding the order felt like a good project for the characters involved.

But the delivery was haphazard at best. I played the entire chain in one sitting after reaching the level cap, and even then it felt strange. There were these odd pauses that shouldn have been there. Maybe I bad at reading narrative time, but one quest ends with some villagers working out and the next starts with them sort of doing the same thing. There were no apparent change in attitude or indication of progress. Two levels passed, but no real amount of time or events? If I had done the quests as they became available or in parallel with the MSQ, wouldn my time spent progressing my job level or MSQ events impart a cheap moncler outlet sense of the world progressing? It feels jarring placed next moncler outlet online to what the job quest presents.

moncler outlet online It was the same (unless I mistaken) when you as a dragoon towards the end of the chain is supposed to fight a dragon. The way I recall it is that the dragon is messing things up and moncler sale outlet there a pressing need to sort this problem out. But after finding out about the problem at hand, you told to fuck off and come back two levels later. Pretty sure I got whiplash from the dissonance. moncler outlet online

moncler outlet sale Whatever story they attach to the 5.0 jobs, I want those stories to break free from the constrains of having to be injected every other level, cheap moncler sale piecemeal. If we not getting any mechanical/action rewards from these quests, then they should just buy moncler jackets be portioned out in accordance to the dramatic needs in whatever size fits the story. Following this: if the stories aren meant to fluff out how we get new actions, just write an enjoyable story featuring and nuances thereof, instead of a series of shoehorned explanations of how we as the WoL invent another way to kill stuff better than others moncler outlet sale.

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